Darksaber, by Kevin J. Anderson

December 19, 2010 at 03:47 (Book Reviews, Fiction, Poorly Rated Books, Star Wars Saturday!) (, , , )


Kevin Anderson is a peculiar writer. Occasionally, he comes up with some splendid and original characters, and sometimes even lets them get as much as four or five chapters into a book before he ends up breaking something. On the other hand, sometimes he just does dreadful things.

It is a mercy that he didn’t consider the driving idea behind this book to be worth a full trilogy – because when you’re Kevin Anderson, who needs the Galactic Empire? Just take an idea that totally didn’t have the very life squeezed out of it already in two of the Star Wars movies, and mix in a comically incompetent crimelord. Couple that with some good old fashioned deus ex Jedi and a few messages about how Khommunism (sic) is bad, and what could possibly go wrong?

The entire book feels like a plate of leftovers, reheated once too often. The kids like Return of the Jedi, right? So let’s go back to Jabba’s Palace! That Timothy Zahn fellow wrote some decent books, eh? I’m sure he left some decent characters lying around! Oh, and scrape up what’s left of Admiral Daala, and we’ve got the beginnings of a good story! Sadly not. The attempts at writing some kind of romantic subplot for Luke Skywalker are as dire as can be expected when a second-degree writer tries to warm the hearts of a warrior monk and a ghost zombie, the tension Anderson builds is rotten to its core, and it turns out that cloying messages about trusting-in-your-friends always ending up as being more powerful than military force is as stupid as it is utterly redundant. Not the blackest depths the Star Wars franchise has plumbed, but maybe the worst of Kevin J. Anderson.


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