The Sixty Minute Father, by Rob Parsons

March 8, 2011 at 00:42 (Book Reviews, Highly Rated Books, Philosophy) (, , )


It would have been nice if Parsons had written the One-Hundred-and-Twenty Minute Father. His style is earnest if not professional, and honest above all. There is nothing here that is controversial or even all that surprising. When he dips into areas such as discipline, he does so briefly and extremely cautiously.

He’s not here to take sides, and it is abundantly clear early on that this book is emphatically not a complete parenting guide. It is a friendly and heartfelt guide to square one of the trek. Those who are already there will be reassured, those who are completely lost will be gently reoriented, and it is really impossible to be disdainful, or to consider any part of this book to be “too simple” – any more than a doctor might consider the human body’s need to breathe as “too simple”.

The only shortcoming is the extreme brevity of the book, but even that makes it a book that can be easily revisited, and thumbed through idly; not to learn, necessarily, but to remember. Recommended highly.


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