Arrest-Proof Yourself, by Dale Carson

March 15, 2011 at 20:59 (Book Reviews, Crime and Law Enforcement, Mediocre Books) (, , , )


A useful book, and rather humourously written. The reader will realise he is not reading a blog or a list of tips when the humour begins to flag and the author starts to become repetitive, stern and lecturing. Most of what he has to say is bleak, pessimistic, sensible, paranoid, amoral, revelatory and useful. He is not on a crusade to change the world, but seems to vacillate between his outrage at the cruelty of an unfair and unyielding system, and a genuine desire to educate offenders who should not (in his view) end up in jail. Or prison.

Because of the author’s credentials it is difficult to attach the epithet of paranoia to him, but at times he does veer into hyperbolic rantings that seem to paint a picture of flatfoots behind every tree, and The Sweeney resting a knowing hand on his gun while watching innocent citizens with cold, gimlet eyes, and waiting for them to make that one mistake that will doom them. His audience is clearly those with something to hide, or else the likewise-paranoid who will identify with this sort of dystopic vision. Perhaps not a book whose every jot and tittle ought to be heeded, but one containing information that everyone certainly ought to know


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