Rebel Agent, by William C. Dietz

March 26, 2011 at 13:08 (Book Reviews, Fiction, Poorly Rated Books, Star Wars Saturday!) (, , , , )


After a rather average first installment to this fragile series, this book was never going to prompt high expectations. It was also never going to prompt utter, hollow despair, either. Judging him by his other work, Dietz is plainly not an absolutely dreadful author. In his favour, he corrects a few of the shortcomings of the first book. We are finally treated to a few flashbacks into the history of some of his key characters: but too little and too late. There are not incentives to care overly much about characters killed off a few pages into the previous volume, and his descriptions of Morgan Katarn are written in such a peurile and pedantic manner as to make them unreadable.

Dietz is verbose where he ought to be brief, and agonisingly incomplete where development is imperative. His dialogue is only to be considered better than his prose because there is less of it to torture the cringing reader. This is a truly appalling book, without any redemptive features whatsoever. A more coherant and engaging story could be gleaned by watching through the cutscenes of the video game on which this book is based.

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