Tales from the New Republic, by Peter Schweighofer and Craig Carey (ed.)

April 2, 2011 at 15:24 (Book Reviews, Fiction, Mediocre Books, Star Wars Saturday!) (, , , , , )


Once again, it is hardly surprising that this book is little more than a vehicle for another Zahn-Stackpole combination short story (which is rather good, but does not really showcase the best work of either author). The surprise is that most of the other stories included in this collection are by relatively unknown authors–even first-time authors–and that there are no throwaway entries among them. Equally peculiar is the choice to give a handful of these authors more than one entry.

The New Republic part of this compendium is, as always, a little misleading. While all stories are at least nominally set in or around the New Republic (unlike the Tales from the Empire collection), none of them give any particular background to that particular institution, and frankly most of these stories might have been set anywhere or anywhen. It feels churlish to rate this anthology so low; despite its lack of discernible high points it is mostly well-written, with coherant and interesting characters. Nevertheless, it is not immediately compelling, and really only to be enjoyed by the dedicated fan.


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