The Truce at Bakura, by Kathy Tyers

April 9, 2011 at 21:03 (Book Reviews, Fiction, Highly Rated Books, Star Wars Saturday!) (, , , , )


As Star Wars literature goes, The Truce at Bakura has a great deal to recommend it. By its very nature, it is one of the few novels that scratches the skin of the Empire, and even of the inhuman antagonists, with Tyers making a sterling effort to write compelling and three-dimensional characters. The concept is pleasant enough, and although the book suffers for striking out a little too far from the beaten path of the existing Star Wars universe, the Ssi-ruuk are not so utterly outlandish as to spoil the story.

Tyers writes rather competently, but her story has considerable trouble getting off the ground, without any significant tradeoff in terms of exposition or character development. It is a little too long before the crisis rears its head, and then for a long and awkward while the crisis sits and eyeballs the reader before any action is taken by either protagonists or antagonists; sometimes the book can feel just a bit like a dress-rehearsal, where nobody is totally sure of his lines, and where there are flurries of confusion and uncertainty before the groove is once again found.

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