Jedi Knight, by William C. Dietz

May 14, 2011 at 20:06 (Book Reviews, Fiction, Poorly Rated Books, Star Wars Saturday!) (, , , , , , , )


The last part of a series that was so rich in source material and so weak in its development and realisation, Jedi Knight is neither the least disappointing piece of the disaster, nor is it a significant departure from the generally turgid trilogy. In the final installment, Dietz appears to be somewhat overwhelmed by the enormous task of tracing Katarn’s confrontations with no fewer than seven antagonists, and tends to flit from one to the other with very little attempt to trace Katarn’s mission, or indeed any attempt to provide more than cursory glimpses at the motley collection of Sith.

Obviously, this provides plenty of problems for any serious reader–more depth might be expected trawling through a Wikipedia entry on these characters–and yet when Dietz attempts to sketch deeper portraits of his characters, the result in this book is perhaps even more disastrous than his earlier attempts: crude, childish caricatures painful to read, and best skipped entirely. Sadly, this installment is better than its predacessors not because of its contents, but because of its lack thereof.

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