Passion for Jesus, by Mike Bickle

May 22, 2011 at 11:56 (Biography, Book Reviews, Highly Rated Books, Theology) (, , , , )


Part autobiography and partly a treatise based on Psalm 27:4, this updated version of Bickle’s best-known book is occasionally repetitive, frequently digressive, but almost constantly simple, provocative and honest. Readers will find Bickle’s compulsive list-making distracting, but valuable for later reference. There are frequent and ready allusions to other books Bickle has written, and a rote-like regularity with which he belabours a hand full of key phrases. This book is written more than anything for regular and bite-sized reminders of key gospel doctrines, and while it does form a largely coherent train of thought, its foremost purpose is neither systematic nor comprehensive, but foundational and zealous.

Theologically Bickle remains orthodox throughout, although some of his more florid language does justify his regular asides, in which he is forced to repeatedly clarify some more esoteric passages. The chapters are thick with biblical citations and even the occasional third-party scholar or teacher, although this book is certainly a devotional rather than a scholarly tract. This book is essential for understanding Bickle’s general understanding of theology (and christology in particular), and an absolute prerequisite to reading his other writings.


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