Slave Ship, by K. W. Jeter

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This book can best be described as more so than its predacessor. The rambling and incoherant monologues are lengthier and more abstruse; the economically- and politically-driven plot is twistier and even more needlessly complex; the flashbacks are infinitely longer; the action sequences are more elaborate; the aliens more original; the characters, set-pieces and adventures faster-paced; Dengar and Manaroo are considerably more annoying.

He’s dead, thought Bossk with immense satisfaction. At last. Whatever atoms had constituted the late Boba Fett, they were also drifting disconnected and harmless in space.”

-Slave Ship

If The Mandalorian Armor (sic) was a flawed work, then in this sequel the flaws are certainly deeper. But the redeeming points are also more noticeable, and it seems that Jeter has finally found a unique story that he wants to tell. The fracture of the Guild and the Voss’on’t hunt would make a couple of smashing short stories, and they provide a welcome reprieve from the politicking and monologuing which unfortunately return in spades for this installment.

Is it worth reading? For those who struggle through the first in the series, then yes. It will be neither quick nor easy, nor (ultimately) a good experience. But there is some good storytelling in here, a few ounces of diamonds in the piles of shale. Unfortunately the chief weaknesses are some of the key characters: Dengar, Xixor, Kuat – all are desperately boring and frustratingly two-dimensional. When an entire chapter is spent in a single character’s mind, this is a rather damning verdict. But despite his abject failure with so many of the characters Jeter chose to centre his book around, he does succeed in one thing: providing a dynamic and exciting picture of Boba Fett in his glory days. Perhaps that makes everything okay.

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